átló collection
armchair and sidetable, 2023

design Norbert Juhász
photography Kata Balogh, Tamás Kovács (cover), Norbert Juhász
production Barlang Műhely

The furniture collection highlights the diagonal, making its layered meanings visible across contexts. A diagonal is a straight line connecting two notable points far apart from each other in the shortest way possible. Due to Hungary's position in Central Europe, it has always played a connecting role between the West and the East, which is deeply ingrained in the culture: we are the diagonal that connects two distant, non-adjacent points. The furniture collection is an experimental exploration of playful geometry. Manufactured with low material usage and basic technology, its visual language is very simple, using a limited vocabulary to create distinct forms depending on the perspective. From a flat panel, smaller rectangles and right-angled triangles created by diagonals form the components.

The collection was implemented through the designLAB program curated by Rossana Orlandi, organized by the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency.