All images © 2011-2022 Norbert Juhász

People always had the desire to leave a mark in the world, to be remembered. Carving letters into tree trunks are simple, primal manifestations of this, giving an interesting aspect of how an individual defines her/himself, what s/he has to say for the future. Usually it is the first name of the person and the date or sometimes a romantic relationship, an expression of affection. The tree trunks, due to the hard work the carving requires, only contain the barest, purest self-definition - this is my name, I love this person, at this point of time, I was here. After, these marks grow together with the tree as a scar, a tattoo, a kind of a naive non-urban graffiti, creating a memento for the perpetrator. If we think deeper - is it really a memento? Do we know who Szabi and Andi is? Tamás? Niki? Csabi? Éva? René? Repetitive labels what we see, it could be anybody behind the nametags. The trees don?t care much, that?s for sure.

Pix & Text exhibition